Urban Forms

Urban Forms

Urban forms commonly described under the umbrella term Hip Hop dance, consists of several strands including Breaking or B-Boying, Popping and Locking, Electric Boogaloo, Crip-Walking, and Krump among others. Hip Hop movement started in the 1970s in the Bronx, New York. Breaking became one of the 5 pillars of Hip Hop culture which includes MCing, Djing, graffiti, and knowledge. At Bespoke Dance Education we focus Breaking, Popping and Locking, as well as Krump. Breaking, while starting with rhythm steps, eventually evolves into acrobatic feats involving head and arm stands, freezes, and slides. Popping and Locking focuses on body isolations, rhythmical speed changes, and joint articulations. Krump attempts to provide physical non-violent expression to emotional frustration through dance. It is done in a cypher and values individual expression and improvisation tending to alternate between body tension and strong explosive release.

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