Bespoke Dance Education Webinar Series

Bespoke Dance Education Webinar Series

Dear readers, I apologize for not posting for a while but I had been busy working on a series of webinars with a variety of topics including: Dance Writing, Dance on Camera, Dance Therapy, Afro-Caribbean Dance, Conditioning with Imagery, Dance and Disabilities, Inclusion and Diversity, Dance Injuries, and Hip Hop Dance Culture. It has been both an intellectual and entrepreneurial journey for me to prepare these webinars, choose and invite the guest speakers and deliver the material for the last 9 weeks. I found myself reinvigorated by the conversations with these experts and audiences. I hope some of you found the time to join us but if you didn’t I will be sharing the videos here in the blog periodically in reference to specific topics. Here is the first video which is a conversation about dance writing with Rufi Oswaldo, who is an amazing dancer, writer, and researcher.

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