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Principles of Dance Science with Dr. Outevsky

Dance Science was born out of Sport Science, Somatics, and Dance. It is the theoretical study and practical application of principles of physiology, anatomy, motor control, kinesiology, and psychology to the discipline of dance. Combined with embodied input from Somatic practices such as Pilates, Alexander’s technique, Skinner’s Release Technique, Bartenieff’s Fundamentals, and Laban Movement Analysis, Dance Science attempts to enhance the movement potential and physical longevity of dance practitioners.

As a researcher and educator in this field, Dr. Outevsky specializes in conditioning methodologies, kinesiological analysis, and tactile communication. He has given workshops dealing with performance psychology in dance, periodization strategies, and conditioning with imagery for dancers. His latest work involves a 3 year study of pre-season screening results from a professional ballet company.

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