Conditioning With Imagery for Dancers (C-I Training) Webinar Series part 3

Conditioning With Imagery for Dancers (C-I Training) Webinar Series part 3

I have started teaching C-I Training recently to non-dancers and have been using my expertise in this system to help people with back pain, tennis elbow, and various joint issues. I was pleased to hear a lot of positive feedback from my clients who state that it is the only exercise that helped them reduce pain and explore new movement options. In this post I want to highlight this highly effective system taught to me by its founder Dr. Donna Krasnow, here is how she explains it herself:

The C-I Training™ system incorporates exercises to develop muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility, as well as visualization work. It offers a good warm-up before class or rehearsal, as well as a way to enhance technique and condition for injury prevention. Krasnow and Deveau draw heavily from the earlier contributions of Sally Fitt, Ruth Solomon, Zena Rommett, and imagery-work exemplars Lulu Sweigard, Irmgard Bartenieff, and Irene Dowd. Hatha yoga classes and Qi Gong are examples of other sources of inspiration. Divided into an introductory section and a C-I Training/Method (followed by useful appendices), this comprehensive text is contemporary, relevant, and user-friendly.

Below is a video conversation between myself and Andrea Downie, a PhD Candidate at University of Calgary, and a former president of Healthy Dancer Canada on C-I training.



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