Introduction to Dance Science

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Dance Science was born out of Sport Science, Somatics, and Dance. It is the theoretical study and practical application of principles of physiology, anatomy, motor control, kinesiology, and psychology to the discipline of dance. Combined with embodied input from Somatic practices such as Pilates, Alexander’s technique, Skinner’s Release Technique, Bartenieff’s Fundamentals, and Laban Movement Analysis, Dance Science attempts to enhance the movement potential and physical longevity of dance practitioners. In this workshop we will explore the basic elements of this discipline with a brief introduction to each aspect of this growing academic field and propose some basic applications of its research.

This workshop can be done in-person or online. It lasts 2 hours but can be longer by request to get a more in-depth overview of the topic. It is part participatory and part lecture based so the students should be ready to move and explore the principles on their own bodies.


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