Effective Partnering

Effective Partnering

This workshop summarizes some of Dr. Outevsky’s research on touch, weight bearing, and visual contact in dance practice. We will go through the various training methodologies used in different dance styles to practice the elusive art of effective partnering. We will examine exercises from Contact Improvisation, Argentine Tango, Ballroom dance, Ballet Pas des Deux, and Contemporary dance as potential tools to improve kinaesthetic awareness and cutaneous sensory perception. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a fundamental grasp of the theoretical concepts and practical uses of the many partnering strategies from various styles.

This workshop can be done in-person or online. It lasts 2 hours but can be longer by request to get a more in-depth overview of the topic. It is part participatory part lecture based so the student should be ready to move and explore the principles on their own bodies.


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